Coach Payton’s Favorite Hot Spots in New Orleans Monday, Jul 18 2011 

The New Orleans Saints turned a page two seasons ago when after years of futility, they finally won the coveted Super Bowl title fans have clamored for since the inception of the franchise.

At the helm was an unassuming coach who changed the entire dynamic of the franchise. Upon his arrival, Sean Payton immediately fit in as both a dynamic leader of the team and a pillar of the community.

Sean Payton and his family love to support the local community. He has been quoted as saying one of his favorite things to do is have “family night” at (more…)

What Hidden Gems Has New Orleans Drafted? Friday, Jul 15 2011 

One of the most exciting and popular teams in the NFL continues to be the New Orleans Saints. The Saints, who are loaded with many star players, continue to be one of the better drafting teams in the NFL which allows them to find star players in the lower rounds.

One of the best hidden gems that the Saints have ever drafted is their current number 1 wide receiver Marques Colston. Due to the fact that he went to a small school, Colston was not a highly sought after (more…)

Best Fan Shops For Fan Gear Wednesday, Jul 13 2011 

Finding the best fan shops for fan gear is really dependant on the type of gear you are looking to buy, the sports you are looking for fan gear for, and where you want to shop for fan gear. There are fan shops in malls, online, in sports stadiums (arenas), and through your favorite sports teams websites. When deciding on a fan shop, you have to consider what you are looking to buy, and how much money you want to spend.

The best (more…)

Will Reggie Bush Agree To Less Money? Saturday, Jul 9 2011 

New Orleans Saints Running Back Reggie Bush is expected to be released by the team when the current NFL lockout ends. Many in the Big Easy question whether Coach Peyton and the Saints organization would bring Bush back for a reduced rate. Currently, Bush is due 11.8 million for the 2011 campaign.

By releasing Bush, the Saints will save 12.5 million, which could be used to help shore up an aging defense. Bush believes that he is an elite back and deserves to get paid franchise money. The Saints don’t appear to agree with his assessment, (more…)

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