New Orleans Saints Running Back Reggie Bush is expected to be released by the team when the current NFL lockout ends. Many in the Big Easy question whether Coach Peyton and the Saints organization would bring Bush back for a reduced rate. Currently, Bush is due 11.8 million for the 2011 campaign.

By releasing Bush, the Saints will save 12.5 million, which could be used to help shore up an aging defense. Bush believes that he is an elite back and deserves to get paid franchise money. The Saints don’t appear to agree with his assessment, instead filling their backfield with draft picks and younger players.

It appears that Bush will be released and hit the open market. He may find a new home, most likely away from New Orleans. Teams such as St. Louis and Cleveland have been mentioned as potential landing spots for Bush.

Bush has not been the game changer that the Saints pictured when he was drafted from the University of Southern California. Bush won the Heisman Trophy during his time at USC. The trophy has since been taken away from him for violating NCAA rules, though Bush has yet to return the actual Heisman hardware.