The New Orleans Saints turned a page two seasons ago when after years of futility, they finally won the coveted Super Bowl title fans have clamored for since the inception of the franchise.

At the helm was an unassuming coach who changed the entire dynamic of the franchise. Upon his arrival, Sean Payton immediately fit in as both a dynamic leader of the team and a pillar of the community.

Sean Payton and his family love to support the local community. He has been quoted as saying one of his favorite things to do is have “family night” at local restaurants. In addition, Coach Payton has stated he enjoys the Audubon Zoo and the Aquarium of the Americas.

Coach Payton’s arrival marked a new chapter in both the Saints, and the city of New Orleans’ history. Just one year after the devastation of Katrina, Coach Payton turned the franchise around and embraced the culture of this historic city.

Whereas you may not find this family man at Pat O’Briens sampling hurricanes, you will find the Coach shopping at one of his favorites, the Riverwalk. He’s also been known to enjoy a beignet or two at the Cafe Du Monde. But then again, who doesn’t?