For the first time in the franchises forty three year history the New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl with a 31-17 victory over the Indianapolis Colts. This game was full of highlights for the New Orleans Saints and their first ever Superbowl championship. The MVP was Drew Brees who proved that he is one of the sports best quarterbacks after going head to head with Peyton Manning during the championship game. Brees tied a Superbowl record held by Tom Brady for the most completions in a Superbowl game with thirty two of them. Another pivotal point in the game was when Jeremy Shockey got his touchdown and followed it by a two point conversion that was among one of the best decisions Sean Payton, the Saints coach, made during the game. The most memorable highlight from this game came with only three minutes and twenty four seconds left in the fourth quarter. Tracy Porter intercepted a ball thrown by Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and ran it seventy four yards down the field to score a touchdown with only minutes remaining in the game giving the Saints a fourteen point lead and ultimately the victory and their first ever Superbowl win.