Nothing gets a Saints fan ready for a game like hearing their favorite theme songs! The New Orleans Saints have new theme songs as well as the traditional ones that die-hard fans know and love. The most famous of the Saints theme songs is “Who Dat?!”. This particular theme song is the one that gets the players and fans pumped up-whether they are tailgating, coming onto the field at the start of a game or scoring a touchdown. Because this theme song is so popular, the term “Who Dat” has become highly associated with the Saints and has become the source of many different types of Saints’ sports memorabilia. The most traditional Saints theme song that is the epitome of their New Orleans roots is the jazzy “When the Saints Go Marching In”. Initially turned into a jazzy mantra by New Orleans’ own Louis Armstrong in the 1930s, this song has been around for decades. It was even incorporated with the “Who Dat” song by Aaron Neville, Sal and Steve Monistere, Carlo Nuccio, and a group of Saints football players in 1983! So whatever your preference may be, play your favorite theme song and get ready for some Saints football!