Every new NFL season provides a fresh opportunity for players to top the season-best numbers of players past. Recently it was Drew Brees setting not just team records, but NFL records as well. Brees had a remarkable 2011 campaign, tallying 5,476 passing yards on 468 pass completions – both NFL single-season records.

Who will it be this year? What is the next Saints record to be broken?

It is unlikely that a season like Drew’s 2011 campaign will strike again any time soon. It took a couple of decades to break Dan Marino’s previous marks. A decline in the likelihood of a record-breaking passing season will also result in the reduced likelihood that anyone will approach Jimmy Graham’s records for number of receptions in a single season (99), or his mark for receiving touchdowns (11). There are simply too many receiving threats on this team that want the ball thrown to them, and no single player is going to take the spotlight.

Process of elimination leads us to rushing records. It is doubtful that any single player in the Saints’ talented backfield will get close to the 1,674-yard mark set by George Rogers in 1981, nor his record of 378 attempts that same year. However, it is very possible for one of the backs to reach the 13 touchdown mark set by three past Saints players.

If any record falls this year, single-season rushing touchdowns is the most likely candidate.